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Top 3 Overall 2017 - After 2 Competitions

Competitors at Alton

 There were...


...competitors at Alton

Blue = Mr Adams, Cyan = Mr Steven Arroyo, Red = Mr Dunn, Purple = Mrs Fox Longdon, Orange = Master Lear, Gold = Mr Nazer, Silver = Mr Singers, Green = Mr Thompson and Black = Mr Turner

Competition By The Numbers...

In an effort to improve our competitions in future we're performing analysis on the types of entries we receive. Only 30% of Vision students are female so we'd expect to see that reflected in the entries. Throughout last year females accounted for roughly 23% of entries so it's an area that needs encouragement and improvement. At Redhill 2017 below, we increased the number of females participating to accurately reflect the make-up of the Association.


This is the breakdown of entries by grade

Colours represent the belt colour (except Yellow Tags who are included in Yellow Belts)

Age Groups

This is the breakdown of entries by age

Blue = Under 10s, Green = 10-13s, Orange = 14-17s, Black = Adults


This is the breakdown of entries by gender

Male = Blue, Female = Pink

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