Tonbridge November 2017

Official Invitation and Online Entry

Online Entry Closes November 1st

Venue and Directions

November 5th 2017 - Main Registration from 8:30AM, Competition from 9:45AM
14-17s and Adults may register from 12:00 to 13:00

Angel Leisure Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge TN9 1SF

CENTRE TELEPHONE: 01732 359966

Competitor Protection Requirements

This is mandatory for each age category. Groin guards are compulsory for male competitors over 130cms.


13 yrs & below: Mouth Guard, Head Guard, Closed fingered gloves, Groin guard (Male), Feet Pads, Shin Guards


14-17yrs & 18 years +: Mouth Guard, Head Guard, Closed fingered gloves, Groin guard (Male), Feet Pads


Spectator Fees

There will be no spectator fees but please come and support for the whole day.


Spectator interference

To ensure smooth running of the competition if any spectators or competitors are rude towards the organiser or referees, then they will be asked to leave to competition venue immediately and risk that the competitor may be disqualified from all events including future VTA Competitions until further notice.

Sparring Contact Rules

Under 10 years

In this category all points awarded in sparring will be touch contact to the body or head-guard. Only flying punches are allowed to the head-guard. No contact to the face! Contact to the face will be penalised and may result in disqualification.


10-13 years

In this category competitors will also be able to score points to the body and head-guard with punches and kicks, however strictly no contact directly to the face. Any contact to the face may result in minus points or even disqualification.

Power Test

This event is for all competitors aged 18 years and above. Two techniques will be performed, one hand and one leg. Each competitor will choose the number of boards they wish to attempt for each technique and tell the referees prior to the event.

Hand techniques: Elbow or Knifehand
Foot techniques: Side Kick or Turning Kick

Special Technique

The technique performed will be high flying side kick. Each competitor will be allowed one measure up and two attempts to hit the target without disturbing the hurdle.

Medals and/or Trophies

There will be 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal available for each division.

Overall competitors will be calculated over the 3 Vision competitions and awarded at the end of year.

For Overall points; Golds are worth 3 points, Silvers are worth 2 points and Bronzes are worth 1 point.


Registration and Start Times

8.30-9:45am               Registration: For all competitors

9.45-10am                  Opening Ceremony

10am                          Competition Starts                  

12.00-13:00pm           Registration: 14-17 and Adults if desired

PLEASE NOTE: All Under 10 and 10-13 competitors are required to be available for the whole day.


If your event is called and you are not there within 5 minutes then you will be removed from that event so the competition can progress. If you are already doing another event when the division is called then please inform the referees immediately.


An order of events will be available on the day but this is subject to change.