What is the LiveStream?

We'll be offering a test-run of LiveStreaming at the Tonbridge competition. Depending on the strength of the internet at the venue on the day this will either be broadcast only within the venue itself or also to YouTube Live. The stream will be available in its entirety the day after the competition on YouTube regardless.

What will we show on stream?

We hope to offer live coverage of Ring 2 alongside updates from other rings, interviews with senior members of the VTA and medal winners, expert commentary, overall points updates, a look at the draw system and competition announcements.


Eventually we hope to have all rings covered for the entire day. This will allow family members and friends who are unable to attend the competitions to cheer competitors on from the comfort of their home and from around the world.

Often at competitions themselves information for spectators and competitors is sparse. There's a vague timetable but this cannot be updated throughout the day. Spectators also don't have access to expert explanations of events and results as they happen. The stream should remedy this with a wealth of information constantly updated.

Also, competitions don't just take place between individuals. We want to build the school spirit by providing updates on the progress of schools so they can cheer when one of their competitors wins a medal, even if they didn't happen to be watching that ring.

Strategically, being able to offer high-quality multimedia content is important for the development and growth of the Championships.

For all these reasons, we really want to give this a go and get this right. That's why we'll be starting with one ring at Tonbridge November 2017 and we hope you enjoy the show!

Broadcast Schedule

The provisional broadcast schedule (subject to change):

1015-1030: Countdown to live
1030-1230: Session 1 (Ring 2)
1230-1330: Lunch Break
1330-1530: Session 2 (Ring 2)
1530-1545: Overview and End of Broadcast